St Peter’s Primary School, Stockton

St Peter’s is a small Primary School located at Stockton, on a very small parcel of land. Carste was engaged to provide a complete refurbishment of the School including the construction of a new Library and Administration area as well as refurbishing the reminder of the general purpose Learning areas.

The only viable option was to build over the existing building for the additional space and to remodel the “front end” of the school to provide the appropriate level of security for controlled entry to the grounds and a better public face to the facility.

Major structural modifications were necessary to facilitate the Administrative changes and also improve and expand the Staff areas to provide a suitable area for staff resources and meeting area.

The school was unable to provide all facilities on the ground floor to serve students with disabilities and so a lift was incorporated to overcome this logistical impediment.

For budgetary reasons the lift was taken out of the project that was funded through the Catholic Block Grant Authority (GBGA), and when the BER programme was initiated, the School was able to proceed with this facet.

Other elements were also addressed such as difficult window arrangements (this is a highly corrosive environment which takes its toll on metal objects. Windows become dangerous when sash balances are corroded and fail. Therefore windows were replaced throughout the School, verandahs were opened up to facilitate better ventilation, Canteen facilities and storage were improved and egress and other disabled persons facilities and amenities were introduced in the Hall area.

A new COLA was constructed and an additional egress point from the Hall was established.