Conservation Management

What is a Conservation Management Strategy? 

An important tool in caring for a heritage item can be a conservation management plan (CMP). This document provides a guide to future care and use, including any new development. Dr James Kerr describes a CMP as "…a document which sets out what is significant in a place and, consequently, what policies are appropriate to enable that significance to be retained in its future use and development. For most places it deals with the management of change." (Kerr, The Conservation Plan, National Trust NSW, Sydney 2000: 1)

A CMP consists of three main parts: investigation, assessment and management policies. The preparation of a CMP needs to be guided by an appropriate brief. A model brief has been developed for this purpose. Vary this to suit the characteristics of a particular heritage item and the requirements of a particular client or consultant. A suggested table of contents has also been developed to provide some guidance on the content of a CMP. Again this needs to be varied to suit the heritage item and client or consultant.

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