Commercial Projects

Memories Function Centre

The client, Pettigrew Family Funerals, required a space and commercial Kitchen for not only gatherings that occur after funerals but for wedding receptions, Balls, parties, essentially a multi purpose function centre.

The site was constrained on its corner allotment and it was located immediately to the north of the Wallsend Court House and the former Police Station and Post Office complex, all of local heritage significance.

In this place, the building not only had to be a successful space for its purpose, but also had to be best fit into the heritage context and still be resoundingly contemporary in form.

The building provides for two functions of different sizes to be running together, serviced by the commercial Kitchen and 2 Bars.

The roof scape was  the most visible element in this location and so we modelled the roof with integrated glazed highlights in the gable ends to define the building's modern nature but ground it in the vernacular roots of Wallsend.

The building has been operating successfully for the past 7 years, and still retains a contemporary "freshness".




Wickham Student Accommodation

This project was initiated by DealQuip our client who own a number of sites in this block which they wished to consolidate and develop, based on the Newcastle West DCP guidelines that pave the way for more intensive and higher development to encourage greater use of the railway and the inner city infrastructure. Wickham is seen as being a transportation hub in the future and as such, is an ideal location for student accommodation, with transport links being available direct to the University of Newcastle and both campuses of the  Hunter TAFE.

The major feature of this location is that it would not necessitate the use of motor vehicles to move around the city; an ideal location for student life.

Combining a number of sites, not as yet in common ownership, the design was developed as two multi-storey buildings to provide a mix of accommodation from shill Bed sit rooms to two bedroom suites on the upper floors. It was also appropriate to provide the capacity for rooms to be conjoined when semester holiday lettings could be arrayed for other than student users.

The Rooms are arranged in groups of five, each group being provided with a common area and a communal Kitchen. 

Commercial space is located on the ground floor, which is intended to provide support services such as a Laundromat and cafe/ restaurant, for occupants and workers in the area.

A Health Club and recreation area was located on the upper floor of the easternmost block, with ground floor open space available to the north east.

The site is gifted with a direct easterly vista along the Hunter River to Nobby's and will provide a range of outlooks from all aspects of the upper floors.

Strong articulation of elevations was introduced to visually model the building  differently according to the position of the sun. This was achieved through pushing service areas outside the primary envelope thus creating deep recesses for small private balconies. These will be adorned with planter boxes and balustrades to provide some differentiation of form across each elevation.

The developers have not yet commenced with finalising the Development Application.