Archival Recording

Often, development consent for the removal or major changes to a structure or place of heritage significance is prefaced by the requirement for the developer to prepare an Archival Record in accordance with the Heritage Council guidelines.

These records are assembled in order to provide a resource for future research on the place and can vary according to the type of heritage item and the resons for its preparation.. 

Generally a Photographic Archival Record which refers to a key plan for a location of the photograph is always required, and in some cases this is a sufficient level of recording. In other cases a combination of drawings and photographs is considered appropriate, typically very significant items or structures will also require measured technical drawings including rare design or construction details.

carste STUDIO has undertaken many such projects and we've listed some examples below:







Weston Footbridge

Photographic Recording of this historic footbridge was undertaken prior to its demolition for structural reasons.









Tahlee Bible College

This significant building was undergoing some new work to accommodate a larger kitchen. We produced a Photographic and Measured Archival Recording as a metter of urgency in order to allow commencement of building work.







Rosemount, Hinton

This site has seen many alterations and adaptation to modernise the existing buildings - the latest of which are approvals for a new guesthouse which shall replace the dilapidated feed shed. As part of the interpretation of the site, the two large silo's shown shall be retained and incorporated into the new building.









The Australian Hotel

This old agricultural shed in Wingham was ont he verge of collapse and required some urgent attention. carste STUDIO undertook a Photographic and Measured survey of the building and advised on its future interpretation.











Morpeth Post Office

This building has been in residential use for a number of years but has recently gained approval for use as a Veterinary Surgery and carste were Heritage Consultants on the project to facilitate a positive outcome for the DA whilst minimising potential impacts on the building. We later undertook a full Archival Recording for posterity.